Vtiger CRM

VTiger is one of the User-Friendly open source CRM applications available in the market which would help the customers to increase their operational efficiency.

VTiger is an enterprise ready platform which would be suitable for both Small/medium scale and Large Scale Industries.

How Oztro Can help your Business?

Oztro team has an extensive experience in Customization, Implementation and Integration of Vtiger CRM with third parties.

Our solutions would enable customers to optimize their business operations and gain long-term competitive advantages on their respective markets or industries.

Few key Benefits Of Oztro

  • Our CRM is highly Customizable.
  • Our CRM will help you to Attract New Customers
  • Our CRM would be suitable for both SMEs and Large Scale Industries.
  • Our CRM can be easily integrated with third party applications.
  • Increases the loyalty with your customers by intelligently collecting the data.
  • Follow Ups can be effectively managed.
  • Each and very aspects starting from getting a lead till delivering the project to the client can be effectively monitored.
  • Enhances the relationship with your clients with the help of Support Management Module.
  • Oztro Promises Flexibility,Freedom ,Security and affordable cost.
  • Licensing cost is zero and only support and customization charges are applicable.
  • Helps in enhancing customer relationship by providing modules related to file attachments and email notification and to manage customer details.
  • Helps in identifying the customers that are lucrative that will help in increasing sales by anticipating the needs of the prospective customers and in turn helps in better marketing efforts.
  • To enhance work-flow and communication our platform effectively integrates with other Microsoft plug-ins.
  • Apart from these benefits, there are Email Marketing, Calendar and Task Management, Document and File Management, Inventory Management, Teams and Access Control, Integrations and Extensions and Reporting that makes our CRM one of the best CRM.

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